Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the answers to questions I am often asked. If you have a question that you'd like answered, submit your question below! 


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What heart rate monitor do you use? 

I have both the Polar A300 and Scosche Rhythm+. I now use the Rhythm+ for most of my workouts because it is really accurate and is very comfortable to wear since it goes on my arm.  As for the Polar A300, I like that I can view all my stats on the watch and it has push notifications. I often have trouble wearing the chest strap since it slides down, so for more intense workouts I typically go with the Rhythm+. 

What is your diet like?

For the most part, I do not restrict myself on different types of food. I typically avoid dairy, garlic, and a few other spices because I have slight intolerances to them. I try to eat many servings of greens per day and I usually track my meals using MyFitnessPal, though I do not track meals 100% of the time. 

What type of headphones do you use? 

I use JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth headphones. I like that they are small and lightweight and they actually fit in my ears without hurting. I think the sound quality could be slightly better, but overall I love them for workouts. 

Where do you workout? 

I have a gym in my building that I workout at, but I also have a gym membership. I typically do BBG workouts at my apartment gym, but I'll go to my other gym for yoga or lifting.  I also go to many classes at places like Soul Cycle, Cycle Bar, and Define. 

Do you take your own pictures and what camera do you use? 

I mostly take my own photos or have a friend or family member take them using my camera. I have a Canon EOS Rebel SL1. It is a pretty basic DSLR, but gets the job done. 90% of the time I use my Canon EF 50mm F1.8 STM lens or I'll use my EF-S 18-55mm. The tripod I use is the InnerTech 70 inch

Do you use protein powder? 

I don't use protein powder that often, but if I do, I use Vega Vanilla. 

When did you start BBG? 

I started in March 2015, but I did not stick with it consistently until August 31, 2015. I did BBG consistently through December 1, 2016 when I became injured. I have since slowly reintroduced BBG, but for the most part I am designing my own workouts or taking classes. I hope to continue with BBG when I am back to 100%. 

What program did you do for NASM CPT certification? 

I enrolled in the LifeTime Academy Premier class in October 2016. The program was mostly online but also had lab days where I was taught by a master trainer at a LifeTime gym. I chose this program because it was flexible, which made it easy to accommodate with my full-time working schedule. I will be taking my NASM exam at the end of March. 

How often do you workout? 

I typically aim for 6 days of workouts a week. 

When did you start blogging? 

I started my blog in October 2015. It originally started as a fashion/beauty blog, but quickly evolved into fitness. 

What apps do you use to edit your photos? 

I use A Color Story app for most of my Instagram photos and I'll occasionally use FaceTune if I need to do more editing, like patching something in the background of a photo.

Where do you go grocery shopping? 

I typically go to Trader Joes, Sprouts, Safeway, and King Soopers. I buy most of my produce at Safeway or Sprouts. I go to Trader Joes to buy specialty things like riced cauliflower, TJ peanut butter, and Persian cucumbers. I also go to Sprouts to get dairy-free products, Square Bars, and other health brand items that I can't find at the regular grocery store.