Why I decided to become a certified personal trainer

You know that feeling when you want to do something so badly that you can't imagine NOT doing it? That was how I felt when I decided to become certified in personal training. Ever since the idea of it popped in my mind, I knew that I'd have to make it happen.

About a year ago I had been working out consistently for a while and kept feeling like I wanted to take my fitness to the next level.

At that point, fitness was becoming a big part of my life. Working out became my biggest hobby, and If I wasn't doing that, I was working on my fitness blog or researching fitness or nutrition. 

I had come a  long way on my fitness journey, but I constantly wanted to learn more. I kept having questions like:

"Am I doing this exercise with the right form?"


 "What's the deal with protein powder, do I really need it?" 


"why can't I squat lower like other people can?" 

and of course: 

"what type of exercise is best for fat burn?"

As more time went on, I realized that what I wanted was to learn more about the science of exercise and better understand which exercises I needed to do to reach my goals. I also wanted to learn how to design effective workouts and feel more comfortable and confident in the gym. 

Sure, I could learn a lot of that by looking online, but I longed for more of a complete education where I could work with trainers face-to-face. Because of that, I started thinking about the possibility of becoming certified. 

I followed several people on Instagram who had become certified, and many of them talked highly of it. Most of them held NASM certifications, and after doing some research, NASM seemed like the most well-known and highly-regarded certification out there. So, I started looking into NASM-based programs. 

I wasn't entirely sure what I would do with my certification, and at times I questioned whether it would be worth it or not. I was working full-time as a marketer and had no plans to suddenly just stop and switch career paths. At most, getting certified and actually using the certification would have to be a hobby or side-hustle for the immediate future. 

After doing some research and serious thinking, I mentioned the idea to my family. They too seemed a bit skeptical at first, wondering if it would be worth the time and money. Their feedback made me question my idea, but after a while, everything became very clear. 

Suddenly it occurred to me that at the very least, the knowledge I'd learn would be beneficial to me for the rest of my life. Even if I just took the information I learned and applied it to my life so that I could live happier and healthier, it would be worth it. Hell, why would anyone turn that down? 

Making that realization helped justify my decision, but obviously, I had bigger hopes for using the knowledge besides just for my personal benefit. I wanted to learn more about fitness and health so that I could share it with all of YOU and hopefully help YOU become a bit happier and healthier. I hoped to take everything that I learned and use it to create great blog posts and content for you all to enjoy. 

After thinking about all the possibilities, my mind was made up, and I started narrowing down program options. 

One of the first NASM certification programs I found was Lifetime Academy, offered at LifeTime Fitness clubs around the country. 

My family belonged to the LifeTime club in our town when I was in high school, and it was by far the nicest gym I had seen. The complex was huge and had everything you could ever want. I always had the sense that LifeTime was a premier gym that offered the best services, so I knew the trainers and program would be strong. 

After looking into the program and talking to their admissions team, I knew it would be the best fit for me. I won't go into too much detail on that, but if you're interested, I'll write up another post about why I chose that specific program. 

When summer rolled around, I finally signed up for Lifetime Academy and couldn't wait to start. I was so excited to be working towards something I had wanted for so long!

This is the only the beginning of my journey, stay tuned for more posts as I share with you the process of working towards certification. If you have any specific questions about becoming certified or the program I did, feel free to post in the comments or ask them on my FAQ page!

Thanks for reading!