Recovering from an injury


Hi everyone, 

I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent mine up in the mountains with my family celebrating my dad’s birthday. 

We went to Keystone resort, and my family spent the two days hitting the slopes. Sadly, I couldn’t participate in snowboarding because I still am recovering from my injury. 

I haven’t mentioned this on the blog yet, but back in December I broke my toe pretty badly and ended up having surgery to fix it. Yup, my stupid little toe. 

What seemed like a small thing ended up sidelining me from just about everything for over 2 months. 

During surgery, the doctor had to place a pin in my toe in order for it to stay straight. This meant that an anticipated 2 weeks on crutches ended up being 5 weeks. For 5 long weeks, I had a pin sticking out of my toe, had to wear a giant air cast boot, and hobbled around on crutches or a scooter. 


It was not fun. Not being able to walk made everything difficult and I couldn’t do any of the things I enjoy, like working out. 

While that time was difficult, I gained a greater appreciation for having the ability to walk and move around freely as I wish. I never realized how walking is essential to do just about anything. 

After 5 weeks of crutches, I was able to walk again while wearing the boot for a few weeks and then finally transitioned to a normal shoe. This was a huge improvement, but wearing that boot for so long made all the muscles in my left leg so stiff, making the recovery process harder.

While I have made great improvements the last few months, there are still things that I can’t do because of my injury. Although my bone is completely healed, I still feel some pain and my toe is so swollen that it is about twice the size of the one on the other foot. 

This makes wearing certain shoes uncomfortable and it limits how active I can be. Sometimes walking too far or stepping the wrong way can cause too much pain to continue. 

Honestly, this has been such a weird feeling for me because I’m not used to sitting out and skipping activities. I’ve never not gone snowboarding when going to Keystone. I’ve never hesitated before going to a cycling or yoga class.  I’ve never worried about going for a run for fear of not being able to go the whole distance. But now, I do. 

The last few months I’ve had to accept the fact that while I have come a long way, I still can’t function at 100% yet. This has been hard for me to accept, knowing that the rest of my body is fine and wants to move, yet one tiny toe is holding me back from doing things I want. 

On Saturday when my whole family was skiing without me, it sucked hanging out in a coffee shop by myself all day, (for the record, there is literally nothing to do in Keystone if you aren’t skiing), but I knew that I’ll hopefully only have a few more weeks of having to sit out. 

Instead of complaining, I decided I should focus on all the things I am capable of doing, like cycling, walking, and light resistance training. 

While sitting at the coffee shop, I remembered that there was a yoga studio right by the condo we were staying at. I’ve been worried about trying yoga the last few weeks because of the whole barefoot thing, but I figured now would be a good time to try it out. 

I suddenly felt excited for the challenge of trying something I haven’t been able to do in so long. I found a stretching class for 9 am on Sunday and somehow convinced my brother and sister to go with me. 

The next morning we groggily woke up and walked down the street through the snow to the yoga studio. We grabbed our mats and props and sat ready for the class to begin. 

I was relieved to see that the poses were fairly simple and mostly involved stretching without putting too much pressure on my toes. I thought I would have to modify some things or not do a few poses, but I was able to do each one. 

It felt so good to stretch out and work on my balance. I definitely noticed some weaknesses on my left side, but overall I was proud of myself for how I did. 

After the class ended, I was feeling content with how it went and hopeful of my recovery. Yes, it has been a long time coming, but I am thankful for how far I’ve come. I'm looking forward to the next few months and can't wait until I'm back to full-strength!