Sweat App Update May 22: New features

Have you seen the new features in Kayla Itsines' Sweat App? Last week the Sweat team released version 3.6.1 which includes Trainer Audio, Warm-Ups, and 36 more weeks of workouts!

To access the new features, you'll just need to download the latest version of the app from the app store, or you have automatic updates, you'll already have access to them. 


Here is everything you need to know about the latest update: 

Trainer Audio

When you open the app after updating to the latest version, you'll see a pop-up asking if you'd like to turn on the new Trainer Audio feature. When enabled, you'll be able to hear voice commands from the trainer of The program you are doing. For example, Kelsey Wells provides the vocal cues for her PWR program. 

With this feature, the trainer simply speaks the name of the exercise and number of reps you need to do. This is helpful so that you don't need to look at your phone so often to check the next exercise you need to do. 

So far, those are the only audio cues that are included. While many other fitness apps include motivational narration, I like that the audio cues are simple and not cheesy. However, since this is the first go at this feature, I wouldn't be surprised if more cues are added in future releases. 

Keep in mind that the app does say that this feature is not available for all weeks of all programs, though it doesn't specify which ones. 


The beginning of each resistance workout now features an optional warm-up. The Sweat trainers highly recommend you warm-up before starting a workout to reduce the risk of injury.

For the PWR program, there are 3 options: cardio, cardio and movement, or no warm-up. 

If you select cardio, the workout will start with a 5-minute timer for you to do the cardio exercise of your choice. Kelsey recommends walking, rowing, or riding. 

The cardio and movement option includes 3 minutes of cardio and 4 movements that include a combination of static stretching, dynamic stretching, and exercises. Here is what a Chest and Triceps warm-up looks like: 

1. Push-ups for 30 seconds 

2. Tricep stretch for 30 seconds

3. Backward arm swings for 30 seconds

4. Inchworms for 30 seconds

Once you complete the warm-up, the app will take you right to the activation circuit. 

For BBG, the options include cardio, movement, cardio and movement, or no warm-up. The options are very similar to the ones in the PWR program. 

New workouts: BBG 7.0, BBG Stronger 3.0, PWR 2.0 and challenges

With this new update, 36 weeks of advanced workouts have been added! Kayla Itsines introduced BBG 7.0, adding 12 more weeks to her original program. She also released BBG Stronger 3.0, adding 12 more weeks to her weightlifting program. This release also includes Kelsey Wells' PWR 2.0, adding 12 more weeks to her PWR program that she released in December. 

These additions are designed to build on the previous versions of these programs, allowing you to progress over time. Since releasing the Sweat app, the team has done an amazing job of releasing more advanced workouts.

Before the app, many women would just repeat BBG and BBG 2.0 over and over again. Repeating the same workouts became a bit boring and it also is not the most effective for seeing results. I love how there are lots of options now to progress through the program without becoming bored. 

While I haven't tried these programs just yet, I will be continuing on to PWR 2.0 once I'm done with the first version. I'll be sure to let you know what I think once I start! 


The Sweat App now includes a weekly challenge for each program. Challenges were first introduced in BBG 2.0 and are extra workouts that are usually structured in a different format than the program's typical workout. 

For Challenge workouts, you'll often be racing against the clock or trying to do a specific number of reps, like the famous 1000 rep challenge. 

The PWR program now includes 23 new challenges that are organized by difficulty level. When in the app, you'll see a new orange colored block at the top called "Challenges." When you click on it, you'll see the challenge that is assigned for the week. You can choose to start it or see below for all the PWR challenges. 

Some of the PWR challenges include Tabata Strength Challenge, Lower Body Blast, Glutes and Hamstrings Blast, 300-Rep Full Body Challenge, Barbell Complex Challenge, and many more!

The BBG program has 34 challenges, including some classics like the Countdown Challenge and 1000-Rep Challenge. It also contains some new ones like the Ultimate Cardio Challenge 2.0, Death By Burpees, 600-rep Leg Burner, Death By Squats Challenge and more. 


Have you tried the latest features yet?! If so, let me know what you think in the comments below! 

*All screenshots from the Sweat App