Kayla Itsines' Sweat App- is it Worth the Money?

People ask all the time, "is the Sweat with Kayla App worth the money?" 

Back in late 2015, Kayla Itsines announced that she had a big surprise for members of the BBG community. For weeks she left us in suspense, giving us time to dream up what we thought the reveal would be. 

There was a ton of hype leading up to the announcement, but when she finally revealed that she'd be releasing an app, many in the community met the news with disappointment. 

To be honest, I was one of those who wasn't all that excited. I don't exactly remember what I was expecting, but I guess I was hoping for something more original. I didn't see how an app would provide more value than what I was already getting with the PDF guides that were easily accessible on my phone. 

It seemed more like this was a way for Kayla to stop all the people who had shared or ripped off her PDF guides online. Not only that, the app did not have much to it that made it better than the guides that most people already owned. The biggest difference was that it included a new program, BBG 3.0, which honestly wasn't much different than the first two guides. 

The worst part was, the app came at a hefty price. The app was $20 a month with a minimum commitment of 3 months, compared to the one-time cost of the PDF guides that you could keep forever. 

Overall, the app was not initially met with the best response from fans and many people refused to download it. I did end up purchasing the app a few months later, mainly out of curiosity, but I did not think it was worth the money. I kept it for the 3 months and then canceled my subscription. 

Thankfully, 2015 was a long time ago.

Over time, the app saw many enhancements, but the best improvements came along in 2017. Several months ago, Kayla included one of her most famous followers, Kelsey Wells along with yoga star Sjana Earp as trainers on her app. This meant that the app not only included Kayla's BBG programs, but also Kelsey Wells' new post-pregnancy program and Sjana's Body and Mind yoga program. 

Not only that, Kayla also released a brand new program of her own, a much-anticipated weightlifting program called BBG Stronger. A few months later, Kelsey released her second program: PWR, which is a gym-based weight-lifting program

The addition of the other programs brought a lot of attention to the app and made it much more exciting. The price remained the same at $20 per month, there was finally a lot more added value compared to the standard PDF guides. 

Once I heard about the new programs, I decided to try out the app again. Kayla was offering a good discount on Black Friday, so I took the plunge. Now that I've been using the app for a few months, I can say it's made a lot of great improvements. I'll list out the pros and cons below and then keep reading to see my final verdict as to whether the app is worth it or not. 

Here is a list of the pros and cons as of now: 


  • I love that the app has a variety of programs now- BBG, weight-lifting and Yoga

  • The built-in timer is much more convenient than using a separate app

  • It's easy to take and store progress photos

  • There is now a BBG Forum built-in, where you can post questions and get advice from other users

  • The calendar makes it easy to schedule and plan out your workouts for the week. It comes with a pre-set calendar or you can customize it

  • There is a gif for each exercise making it easy to have proper form. If you click on the gif there is also written out instructions for each exercise

  • There is a tab that lists out the equipment you need for the workout

  • There are built-in playlists curated by the trainers

  • There are lots of recipes and a meal plan scheduled for you

  • You can technically do workouts from all the programs as you want rather than follow one program throughout the 12 weeks


  • It's still a bit expensive, paying $20 consistently can be a lot if you're already paying for a gym membership or other classes

  • For some of the programs, like Kelsey Wells' PWR, you have to click "next" when you're done with some exercises or circuits. This can make it a bit annoying having to interrupt your flow to click the app

  • The meal plan is not very convenient/practical. Like the BBG book, the recipes are not "meal prep" friendly and include a unique meal 3 times a day every day. Because of this, I don't use it.

  • In general, there are a lot of features I don't use ( progress picture section, recipes, water tracking, and I don't use all of the programs)

Final verdict

I think the app has come a LONG WAY since it was first released. I think the $20 price point is more worth it now that there are so many programs to choose from. I'd say that the app is worth buying if you want to try some of the newer programs like PWR, BBG Stronger, or Body and Mind that are only available in the app and not on PDF.

If you do want to purchase the app, sign up for Kayla's email list. She periodically has discounts on the app that make it more affordable. 

If you are planning to download the app just to do the original BBG guides, I'd say the app is not worth the money. It's a much better choice to buy the PDFs and that way you can have them forever and repeat them whenever you want. Aside from the built-in timer, there are not many features that make the app better than the PDF version. 

I hope this helps in your decision! If you try the app, let me know your thoughts! 


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