Sarah's Day x White Fox Boutique Outfit Review


I am a huge fan of Australian Youtube and Instagram star Sarah’s Day so you can imagine how excited I was when she released her own activewear line!

Sarah is often called YouTube’s Holistic Health Princess as she shares every detail of her health and wellness journey. She has hundreds of thousands of followers across her social platforms and is known for her workout guides, her vlogs, and of course her style.

Earlier this year, Sarah teamed up with her favorite Australian clothing boutique called White Fox to design her own line of activewear. The collection aI love that Sarah designed all of the clothes herself and picked colors and patterns that match her unique style. Once the collection went on sale I knew I wanted to order an outfit, but it was so hard to choose which one to get as they were all so cute.

When the collection first launched, the White Fox Boutique website crashed because so many people tried to buy it! It took me a while, but I was finally able to order the Vinyasa Flow set in Olive.

Keep reading for my full review of the outfit! For my activewear reviews, I share my initial thoughts and then review each piece based on fit and how it performs during a workout. I then give it a rating out of 5 stars. This post is in no way sponsored and there are no affiliate links! I bought this with my own money and am sharing my complete honest feedback.

Sarah’s Day x White Fox Boutique Outfit Review

Vinyasa Flow Sports Bra Olive Moroccan $44 USD

Initial Thoughts

The pattern is gorgeous and looks prettier in person compared to the photos online. I love the cut and style of the bra and the mesh cut-out in the back adds a nice touch. The material is stretchy and almost feels like a bathing suit. The bra has two removable cups that are nicely shaped.

The Fit

I ordered my normal size and thought it fit a bit snug. I wish the straps were adjustable because that would make it more comfortable. However, I removed the padding and that made it fit better. Next time I would size up.

The Workout Test

I wore this to a yoga class and I wore it for a 3-mile trail run. I thought the bra was very supportive and it stayed in place during both workouts. Since the size is a bit small for me, the straps started to dig into my shoulders by the end of the day, but otherwise it was very comfortable.

I will say that the material is not the best for very sweaty activities. It is much better for yoga, hiking, or light activities compared to sweaty ones like running or cycling. I will probably not wear this running again as it was not sweat-wicking enough.

Vinyasa low Leggings Olive Moroccan $58 USD


Initial Thoughts

The material is stretchy and the waistband has a drawstring which makes them fit great and stay in place. Why don’t more leggings have drawstrings?! I love the pattern at the bottom around the ankles. At first I thought the pattern was a bit bold for the matching set, but once I wore both pieces for a bit I really liked it and I received a lot of compliments on it! Everyone thought it was so unique.

The fit

The leggings fit great and I love the drawstring. I do wish the material was a bit thicker and more supportive, but otherwise I have no strong complaints. The length is just right and the waist height is regular.

The Workout Test

I wore these with the sports bra to a yoga class and I wore them when I went for a 3-mile run. The pants were great for yoga because they did not slip down and I did not need to adjust them at all. They were also comfortable to run in, though like the sports bra they are not the best for sweat-wicking. Overall, I think the outfit is best for lighter activities and wouldn’t recommend it for super sweaty days.

My rating

I will give this set 3.5/5 stars. I love how it looks, but due to the material, it is not the most practical to wear for super sweaty workouts. I do love wearing this outfit out and about and to yoga class though.