Radiant Human: Photographing my aura


This weekend I finally got to meet @radianthuman_ and participate in her aura photography project! 

Christina Lonsdale, the photographer behind @radianthuman_ has been traveling the country capturing polaroid photos of people and their auras. Her stunning polaroids feature your portrait clouded by colors that represent the energy you radiate into the world. I've followed her on Instagram for years and was always intrigued by the beautiful photos and how each one was different.

I always wondered what my aura photo would look like and couldn't wait to try it one day. After months of following her, it seemed like she wouldn't be headed to my city anytime soon. Because of that, I somewhat gave up on the idea for a while. 

Fast forward to this Friday at work when my friend Carrie and I were chatting about our weekend plans. She mentioned that she was trying to snag an appointment to get an aura photo taken and I instantly became so excited. 

"ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT RADIANT HUMAN?! I've been following her for years," I nearly yelled. 

Of course, Carrie was talking about Radiant Human and she said that Christina was setting up a  photo station in Denver this weekend. Tickets were already sold out, but we knew that Christina leaves a limited amount of walk-up appointments for each day. 

So, we agreed to wake up super early and go wait in line because we are a bit crazy. 

The experience

We arrived the next morning about an hour before the walk-up appointments would be released. There were two other people already waiting, but we figured we would have a good shot at getting an appointment. 

The line grew quickly and by 10AM it was 20-people deep. Christina arrived with her camera case in hand and was so excited to see how many people were waiting. 

As her assistant counted up the available appointments, Christina crouched on the concrete beside us and thanked us all for coming. She asked if we wanted to see her camera and before we could even say yes she was opening the case to show us. Her eyes lit up as she explained how the camera is connected to two silver plates that detect the electromagnetic waves that each person emits. She explained that the waves are then represented by colors that are superimposed on the photo. 

She shared that she's been traveling the country for 3+ years with the intention of photographing as many people as she can. She plans to share her findings about people and the different auras we have. She's already taken 28,000 photos and has been writing her first book. 

After talking with Christina, we were able to secure our walk-up appointments for 1:30PM. So, we left and came back when it was time. 


Taking the photo

When it was my turn to have my photo taken, I walked into the orb-shaped photo tent and sat down on a small stool opposite the camera. Christina handed me two blue plates that had hand-print shaped pieces of silver. I placed my hands on the silver handprints and looked at the camera. 

After about 10 seconds, my photo was done and I stepped outside for what Christina called "the big reveal" 

She slowly peeled back the polaroid and revealed my photo that had purple, red, and orange hues. She then interpreted my photo and explained what each of the colors mean. 

Seeing my aura colors and hearing the explanation about each one was a really moving and eye-opening experience. The colors at the top of the photo represent my thoughts/consciousness. The lower left side represents my self and the lower right side represents what I project outwards. Purple is often seen in creative people and represents being visionary, unconventional, and inspired by others. Red is strength, practicality, and change. 

Before having our photos taken, I had a funny feeling that Carrie and I's auras would be similar since we have the same job and have similar interests. Weirdly enough, I was right! Our colors were very close! We both had purple up top and red on the bottom right. While we had similar colors, hers was redder and the gradient was very different than mine. 

All in all, it was a really great experience and I'm so glad that I got to be apart of this project! I'm hoping to have my photo taken again in the future to see how it changes over time! 

How to get your aura photo taken

  1. Follow @radianthuman_ on Instagram. She announces her tour dates there first 
  2. If she announces your city, jump on getting tickets ASAP, they always sell out (total price was $37 with tax)
  3. If you miss your chance at tickets like I did, she always has walk-up spots available for each day. 
  4. Your ticket will be for a specific timeslot. Show up early! You might miss your shot if you are late
  5. The photo takes only a few minutes followed by a 10min analysis
My friends Carrie (left), Kat (middle), Me (right). 

My friends Carrie (left), Kat (middle), Me (right). 

Tips for walk-up appointments 

  • The number of walk-up appointments varies by day, sometimes it's only a few, some days it's 11. There were 7 spots on the day that I went, but she was able to accommodate more of us by having couples/small groups go during the same time slot. 
  • GET THERE EARLY. We arrived an hour early and were lucky to grab appointments
  • It depends on the day, but if you arrive and there's already a substantial line, you probably will not get an appointment 
  • If you do get an appointment, it will be for a specific time and will be at whatever time is available. Because of this, make sure your scheudle is open 
  • After receiving your appointment time, you'll pay upfront ($37, she takes credit card)