6 Favorite Products for Relaxation an Self-care

To be honest, I get stressed out very easily. I've always been a bit of a perfectionist and I hold myself to high standards. Not only that, I'm also not the most organized person in the world. I often overschedule myself and take on more than what I can handle.

So, when things don't go my way or I feel like I'm underachieving, my stress levels go through the roof and it is not fun. 

Admittedly, I've always struggled with dealing with stress. It's not a fun feeling and I used to always internalize it, which only made me feel worse. However, over the last few years, I have come a long way with managing it. 

It started when I "got back into fitness" and began working out consistently. This allowed me to burn off stress and anxiety and made me feel a lot better. It's been 3 years now and I haven't looked back!

While working out has greatly helped, I realized over time that I needed to do more than just workout to fully keep my stress levels down. I started yearning for more "down time," time for me to fully relax and not worry about anything. 

So, I started making a greater effort to take time each day to relax and practice self-care. On most days, this means I'll take a hot bubble bath after I go to the gym to decompress and soak my sore muscles. Other days it means I'll turn on my essential oils diffuser and listen to music. No matter what I choose, it always calms me down and makes me feel at ease. 

To help you manage your stress, I thought I'd share some of my favorite products for relaxation and self-care! All of these products you can find on Amazon and I've included the links below. 

Expandable Bamboo Bath Caddy

If you want to have the most "extra" bubble bath, you need this caddy. I absolutely love this thing and so many of you ask about it when I post pictures of it on Instagram. It makes it easy to read a book, it's got a built-in wine glass holder, or it can hold a mug of tea like you see here. It also has plenty of room for a small plate-- I'm not ashamed to admit that I love snacking while taking a bath.

You can expand the sides so that it fits the width of your tub. The exact model you see here is sold out on Amazon, but this one here looks almost identical. 

Essential Oil Diffuser 

For a while, I didn't understand the hype surrounding oil diffusers, but when my sister gave me this for Christmas I was excited to try it out. After 5 minutes of plugging it in, I fell in love!

This oil diffuser is so relaxing- the scents are soothing and I love the changing colored light. In the picture you see it lit up blue, but every few seconds it changes into the next color of the rainbow. If you like one color in particular though, you can hit the light button so that the color doesn't change. 

You can set the timer for 1 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours. I sometimes even leave it on when I go to sleep since it makes a faint white noise. My diffuser is made by InnoGear and I have the 500ml size. 

Essential Oils

To use with the diffuser, I have a pack of 6 bottles of essential oils. This is a great starter set because it allows you to try different scents and see what you like best. This one comes with eucalyptus (personal fave), lavender, sweet orange, lemongrass (smells just like Fruitloops lol), Tea tree, and peppermint. This set is very affordable and comes in a convenient box to store them in. 

The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck

I first saw these cards on Instagram and thought they were so beautiful. The deck was created by Gabrielle Bernstein who is a best-selling author/spirit junkie who preaches about living your best life. 

The deck has 52 cards and each one has a unique watercolor design and an inspiring quote. I like pulling out a few cards to look at them and think about their meanings. 

Palo Santo Stick and Capri Blue Candle

For my birthday this year, my friend Carrie gave me 2 palo santo sticks which one of my favorite gifts I've ever received. Palo santo is an aromatic wood that is used for cleansing and purifying the air.

To use it, you ignite it using a candle and let it burn for 30 seconds to a minute. AND GUYS, IT SMELLS SO GOOD. It smells woodsy with hints of lemon and mint which makes for a perfectly calming smell. I always light it when I take a bath. 

My friend got mine from a boutique, but you can find similar ones here

To light the palo santo, I usually use my all-time favorite candle, which is Volcano from Capri Blue. I love this scent so much that I have 2 of them and I will never get sick of lighting them. 


Well, that concludes my round-up of relaxation and self-care favorites! Let me know if you try any of these! As my collection grows I'll be sure to share more.