My BBG fitness journey: How a workout guide made me fall in love with fitness

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I follow Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide or (BBG for short). BBG is a 12-week guide comprised of circuit style workouts and two different types of cardio. Kayla is a certified personal trainer, and she created these guides so that women all over the world could experience her workouts and see results. 

Here's my story using BBG:

I started BBG in March 2015 when one of my best friends told me about the program. She urged me to start it with her, but I wasn't so sure about it.

I had many reasons why I shouldn't do it: 

1. I was not that good at following programs or committing to routines

2. I really didn't like fitness classes, programs, etc. I much preferred doing my own thing

3. I was happy with my current workout routine: running as many miles as I could, as often as I could

Despite my concerns (ahem, excuses) I started BBG. I was going on a tropical vacation soon, and figured it was the perfect time to get a "bikini body." Even though I had a gym membership, I did most of my workouts from home. I bought some weights, used my desk chair as a bench, and dug out my old jump rope.

This worked for several weeks, but it became increasingly difficult to stay motivated. Working out felt more like a chore rather than something enjoyable. I struggled. I became busy with work. I made excuses. And then I just stopped. 

Several months went by like this. I barely worked out and didn't even return to my old running days. I started not feeling well. I had dealt with stomach issues, acid reflux, you name it, for over a year, and nothing I did seemed to help. All these health problems made it even harder to work out. 

This kept happening until one day I made a change.

I don't remember how exactly it went down, but one day, I decided to restart BBG. I picked up where I left off, on week 6, and repeated that week several times until I stayed consistent. I continued this for a few weeks, never missing a workout. Before long, it became routine

I bought myself a fitbit, expecting that I would use it for a few weeks and then forget about it. To my surprise, I didn't. I wore it every day and tried my hardest to reach my daily step goal while doing my workouts. It worked. I kept going through BBG and did really well. 

Then one day, I started my Instagram.

And that changed everything. Instagram allowed me to meet so many amazing girls from around the world who were doing the same program as me. They had the same doubts, the same struggles, and the same desires to be stronger and healthier. Seeing their posts helped me stay motivated and on track. 

Through Instagram, I found out about the LA BBG meetups. I was scared to go to my first one, not knowing what to expect. I ended up having the best time ever, and met some amazing girls. I left the meet up that day feeling better than ever and even more motivated to finish what I started. 

Before long, I had finished week 12. I felt so accomplished. Even though my 12 weeks weren't consecutive, I was proud of myself for finishing something that I started.

When the 12 weeks were over, I didn't see crazy results, but I knew I couldn't expect much since I took such a long time off in the middle. However, my body felt so much better. The stomach issues I had dealt with for over a year were gone. I had more energy, felt stronger, and more empowered. 

Fast forward to today. I have completed 2 rounds of BBG 1 and am halfway through the second guide. I feel strong, confident, happy, and have Kayla to thank. 

So what's the point of this long rambling story?

If you want to make a change, JUST DO IT! I highly recommend BBG, but you have to find the program that works best for YOU. There are so many different programs out there, check them out and try the one that you like best. 

No matter what you do, find a routine that WORKS. I struggled at first because I had no routine. Pick days and times to work out and stick to them.

When the going gets tough, DON'T GIVE UP. We all have off days where we feel too tired or defeated, and that's okay. Just don't let it get to you. Trust me, if you want to make a change, you CAN do it and it WILL BE WORTH IT

Want to learn more about my routine and what keeps me motivated? Stay tuned for my next post! If you are starting your fitness journey, let me know! I'd love to follow along.