How to stay motivated when working out

Staying motivated to workout can be a challenge, but there are so many little things you can do to boost your intensity and make working out more fun. Here are 7 things that I do and recommend for staying motivated: 

Find something you love 

You'll never be able to workout consistently unless you find an activity that you truly love. It might be a program, a class, an app, a sport, or better yet, a combination of all of them. If you aren't currently doing something that you love, you'll eventually burn out and stop doing it. Been there, done that, trust me on that one. 

Before I started Kayla Itsines' BBG, I never had a solid workout routine. I would occasionally go to the gym, but didn't go nearly as often as I should have. It wasn't until I started doing Kayla Itsines' BBG program when I really started to become more motivated to workout.  

In addition to BBG, I also do other types of fitness activities to switch things up a bit and constantly challenge myself. I still love to run on the weekends and I go to SoulCycle spin classes as often as my wallet can handle. This has been a great combination for me, and if I only did one of these activities, I don't think I'd be as happy or motivated to them. 

So how do you find something you love? You just gotta start trying different things. Here's some fitness programs and activities that you can try: 


Find a workout buddy

Having a workout buddy is one of the absolute best things you can do to to stay motivated. I used to only workout alone, but after working out with my coworker for several months I've never looked back.

When I workout with a friend, I push myself so much harder, especially on days when I'm struggling. Knowing that I have someone counting on me to be at the gym at a specific time (7am ughhhh) ensures that I never miss a workout. 

But don't just pick any buddy... it's important to find some who is actually going to keep you motivated. The last thing you want is to workout with someone who holds you back or encourages you to slack off. I recommend choosing someone who:

  • is at or around the same fitness level as you 
  • encourages you and pushes you to work your hardest
  • is willing to commit to a schedule 
  • has the same level of motivation as you

Switch up counting your reps 

I know this one seems silly, but trust me, it works. When counting exercise reps,  switch up the way you count so that the number of reps you have left doesn't seem so daunting. For example, If you need to do 30 tuck jumps, count to up to 20, and then once you hit that mark, start counting down for the last 10. Counting 3-2-1 sounds so much easier than counting 28-29-20, am I right? 

To switch it up even further, you can count up to half of the reps, 15 in this case, and then restart at 1 and count up to 15 for the second half to make 30. I do this all the time and find different ways to divide up the number of reps in my mind. This keeps my mind preoccupied so that I'm not dwelling over the number of reps that I have left. I also tend to forget which number I'm on, so doing this also helps keep me in check.  


Pretend like everyone is watching you

Okay, don't get paranoid or anything, but if you workout in front of an audience you'll be more motivated to push yourself harder. When I'm at the gym, there's usually several other people in the workout room with me.

When I'm struggling to get through my workout, I tell myself that I can't stop because everyone there will think I'm weak. As weird as it sounds, it really works. You don't want everyone at the gym to think you're lazy! 


Find the song that motivates you the most

Everyone knows that great music makes a workout much better, but one trick that has helped me has been to find a few songs that motivate me the most and put them at the end of my playlist. 

I'm sure you have that one song that when played, instantly pumps you up and gets you in the zone. For me, it’s ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem (don’t judge!). 

I always put this song towards the end of my playlist so that it comes on during my last circuit when I’m usually struggling the hardest to keep up the intensity. Once the song comes on, it really helps me to stay focused and motivated to finish strong. 


Remember why you want it in the first place

Usually, there’s a reason why you want to workout, whether it’s to lose weight, tone up, gain more energy, or feel healthier. Whatever the reason, don’t lose sight of it. 

Sometimes this means having daily reminders to help you stay on track. When I first started working out, I made a list of goals that I wanted to achieve. I keep that list handy so that I can reference it every now and again to remind myself why I started doing all this in the first place. 

On days that I feel too lazy to go to the gym, I remind myself of that list and how great it will feel to reach those goals. This always motivates me to keep going. 



Find some inspiration 

One of the best ways to keep motivated is to find inspiration from people who have what you want. Nowadays there’s so many personal trainers and other fitness personalities out there who you can follow for motivation, advice, workouts, and recipes. 

You can find these people all over social media including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Youtube. Some of my favorites to follow for inspiration on Instagram are: 









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