How to make time to reach your goals

"I wish I had the time to do that."

I'm willing to bet that 100% of you reading this have said that phrase at least a dozen times in your life. And it's true, we all seem to never have enough time to do the things we really want to do.

Just think about all the things you'd be doing if only you had the time... would you start your own business? Take a new class? Learn how to DJ ?

Between work, school, family, friends, and other commitments, it often seems impossible to find time to eat a proper meal, let alone pursue your greatest passions.  

But have you ever thought about how saying you don't have time could be the biggest thing preventing you from reaching your goals? 

How to make time 

People often ask me how I have the time to work full-time, take a personal training course, write a blog, and get my daily workout in. But the truth is, I don't have time. I make it. 

No, I do not have any more hours in the day than you do, what I mean is that I prioritize the things I'm passionate about and make sure I allot time to do them each day. 

Don't get me wrong, this isn't exactly easy, but if you want something bad enough, you just make it work. 

For me, working out has become a priority. I have a strong desire to look and feel my best and I know that I have to workout often for that to happen. Working out is definitely more important to me than say watching TV or eating a fancy breakfast each morning. 

That being said, I hardly watch TV anymore and the time I used to spend watching it is far greater than the time I need to workout. Instead of coming home every day after work and flipping on the Bachelor, I take a few minutes to relax and then lace up my Adidas and head to the gym. 

Same goes for blogging. I often make time on the weekends to schedule photo shoots and write new posts. Sure, I could just relax over the weekends and sleep in late, but I typically choose to wake up early and get to work.

Do I have to sacrifice other things? Yes, but it is the only way to live out my passion for blogging and that is what is most important to me. 

To make time, you definitely have to keep an eye on it. I used to be so bad at keeping track of time, but I find having a watch makes it a lot easier. I love my Jord watch because it is so beautiful and adds a level of professional sophistication to every outfit. 

Whenever I look down at my watch, it's a friendly reminder that I have control of my time and it's up to me to use it effectively. 

Get wood watch for yourself

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