How to get a killer workout without a gym

As many of you know, my life as been ALL OVER THE PLACE the last few months. I’ve been in the process of moving back to Denver, which means I’ve been going back and forth between LA and Denver for the past 2 months. 

While it's been really fun getting to spend the summer in both cities, it's been challenging to keep up with my regular routine, especially when it comes to working out. Because of the move, I ended my gym so now all of my workouts have been done at home or outside. 

Without a gym membership, I've had to get a bit creative with my workouts. I've still been doing my BBG circuits at home with my dumbells, ankle weights, and chair that I use for a bench. 

However, I really dread working out in my bedroom, so I've been adding in other fun workouts that I can do outside! Sometimes I'll go for a run around my neighborhood or go to a park to do some circuits. 


I know a bunch of you don’t always have access to a gym, especially when traveling. So, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite workouts that I’ve been doing without a gym. 

All you need is an open space like a park or backyard and something to use as a bench! If you can’t find a bench, you can easily go without one. 

I recently did this workout at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. For those of you who don't know it, it's a beautiful outdoor concert venue that is perfectly situated between giant rocks.




It is a favorite spot for concert-goers on summer nights, but in the mornings, it's crowded with fitness enthusiasts looking for a high-altitude workout.  

People love going there to workout because there are tons of stairs to sprint up, rows of benches to run through, and planters that are great for jumping on. 

I’m sure not everyone has access to such a place, but all you really need is a park or some open space. When I’m in LA, I do this workout at the beach or at the Culver City Stairs. It doesn’t really matter where you do it, just pick a place that you enjoy! 

Without further ado, here’s the workout:

My Favorite Outdoor workout

Phase 1: Cardio

I love doing cardio outside because the beautiful scenery helps keep my mind distracted. It also feels really great to get some fresh air. When I was at Red Rocks, I stretched and then started my workout with a run through the rows of seats. 

I ran across an entire row and then up the few steps to run the next row in the other direction. I zig zagged my way to the top, running through about 50 rows which equals somewhere around 2.5 miles (I really wish I had charged my Polar watch to get a more accurate count). 

I’m sure not everyone has access to an amphitheater like Red Rocks, but you can easily do a run around any park or on the strand at the beach. If running isn’t your thing, do any other type of cardio that you enjoy! Skipping rope or jumping jacks are also good. 


Phase 2: Circuits

After feeling warmed up after my run, I did a few simple circuits to work on other muscles. The best part is, you don’t need any real equipment to do these, just a bench or something similar. 
I started with a circuit of tricep dips and lunges. 

Circuit 1
-20 tricep dips (use a bench) 
-20 walking lunges
*repeat 2-3 times


Still using a bench, I did a circuit of pushups and mountain climbers to further work my arms and get in a little extra cardio. If you don’t have a bench, you can easily do it without one. 

Circuit 2
20 pushups
50 mountain climbers
*repeat 2-3 times 



For the last circuit, I challenged myself with some box jumps (ahhhhhh!) and ab bikes to finish off the full-body workout. 

Circuit 3
20 box jumps
40 ab bikes                                                                                                                                      *repeat 2-3 times


Phase 3: Sprints 

After the circuits, I sprinted up the stairs that are beside the rows of benches, which is about 138 steps. After reaching the top, I walked back down to catch my breath. I aim to do 3 sprints if they are uphill. 

If you don’t have stairs, you sprint on flat land and just determine an end point. If I do sprints on flat land, I aim to do 5 or more.  


Phase 4: Stretch it out

Once done, I rewarded muscles with some stretches. I made sure to stretch my arms, legs, and abs. I used the benches to help stretch out my legs because I knew they'd be sore after all those box jumps ;)


That’s it! Next time you're without a gym or just want to get some fresh air, try it out! Feel free to modify or add to it as you see fit. Be sure to let me know how it goes! 

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Thanks for reading!