Skincare For Those Who Sweat: Fré Skincare Review


I'm so excited to announce that I am now officially a Fré Skincare ambassador! If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I've been using 123Fré Set since early January and I love it! 

The best part about being an ambassador is that I can now offer you 15% off a Fré set with code MIRA. 

I started using Fré skincare products because they are specifically designed for women who love to workout. They are made with a special Argania Active Complex which is a unique blend of Argan oil and Argan leaf water extract that helps combat skin damage caused by sweat, sun, and other environmental factors. 

Plus, Fré products are 100% vegan and the company plants an Argan tree for every set that is sold!

I had heard about Fré Skincare from Instagram and was intrigued by it, but I wasn't quite sure how they would work with my skin. I was excited to try something new since my skin has been so dry lately, but I was a bit apprehensive since my skin is so sensitive. 

However, after a few days of using Fré, my skin felt so soft and smooth with no signs of irritation. I loved how my face felt and as funny as it sounds, I started to really look forward to taking care of my face each day. 


The 123Fré set that I use has 3 products: 

1. Protect Me -Defense Facial Moisturizer 

2. Purify Me- Hydrating Facial Cleanser

3. Revive Me- Deep Replenishing Serum 

If my face is feeling dry or if I'm going outside for a workout, I'll start with the Protect Me moisturizer. This has an SPF 30 and its texture is more like a sunscreen than it is a moisturizer. I was a bit nervous to try this because my face is SUPER SENSITIVE to sunscreen and most sunscreens make my face sting. I always have such a hard time finding SPF products that will protect my face without hurting it.

To my pleasant surprise, this Protect Me SPF has been working wonders for me! It doesn't irritate my skin and it makes it feel super soft. I also love that it actually smells really good, unlike most sunscreen products. The best part is, I know my face is being protected from the sun when I'm outside working out. 

After a workout, I use the Purify Me facial cleanser to clean my face. I love this cleanser because it is light and makes my face feel super clean after. It has jojoba beads in it that provide nice exfoliation. Like the moisturizer, the cleanser also smells really good! I don't know exactly what the scent is, but it's a very clean smell that makes me feel like I'm at the spa. 


Lastly, after my face is all clean, I'll use the Revive Me replenishing serum. I like this product because it adds an extra layer of moisture to my skin and it has anti-aging properties. 

Overall, I've been very happy with the 123Fré set and I love what it has done to my skin. My skin feels so soft and I feel good knowing that I am protecting it from damaging sun and sweat. 

If you have any questions about the Fré products, just let me know! You can save 15% off at checkout to buy your Fré set with code: MIRA