9 Foods that cause bloating and indigestion + 3 at-home remedies to cure it


I think we can all agree that bloating and indigestion are two of the most annoying things to deal with. We all want to feel lean, but bloating makes us feel sluggish, lowsy, and just plain gross. For years I've struggled with indigestion and I'm still shocked that it affects so many people each day. 

When I first started experiencing symptoms of bloating and indigestion, I went to several doctors and hoped that it would all go away. Sadly, I've learned that indigestion is a tough thing to treat because there is often no easy way to determine what causes it. 

After seeing a few specialists, I learned that there are a lot of common foods that cause indigestion that I never thought about before. Funny enough, a lot of the foods on the list were ones that I thought HELPED with digestion, not hurt it! It turns out I had been making my condition worse for months by eating foods (dairy and mint) that I thought would cure me. 

If there is anything I've learned, it is important to listen to your body and make note of the foods that don't make you feel well. From my experience, it is crazy how many weird things out there can cause so much trouble! 

Every person is different and will react differently to different foods, but there are some foods that are commonly known to cause bloating: 

1. Chewing gum 

2. Carbonated beverages, including La Croix and Hint water :( 

3. Sugar alcohols (often found in protein bars) 

4. Alcohol 

5. Cauliflower, broccoli and other starchy veggies 

6. Onion 

7. Garlic 

8.  Mint 

9. Dairy products 

Have any of these caused bloating for you? I know that everything on this list has caused bloating for me at some point, especially chewing gum and carbonated drinks. As much as I love my La Croix and my cauli rice, I know that I can't have them too often without feeling bloated. 

 I try to avoid the foods that make me feel bloated, but sadly that doesn't always happen. La Croix is just too hard to pass up sometimes, okay? 

That being said, I have figured out some at-home remedies that make the dreaded bloating settle down. 

Here are some simple at-home remedies that typically work for me:


1. Warm lemon water 

You've heard about this all over Instagram, but it really does work wonders! When I feel bloated, I heat up a mug of water and add a few squirts of lemon juice to it. I sip on it for a while and it always makes my stomach feel better. 


2. Take a bubble bath 

Bloating and indigestion can be caused or made worse by stress, so I try to find ways to relax when I'm not feeling great. A warm bubble bath usually does the trick. I light a few candles, pour in some bubble bath, sit back and relax. The warm water soothes the pain and makes the discomfort much more manageable. 


3. Probiotics 

Taking a regular probiotic has helped balance my gut bacteria and reduce bloating. I've tried a bunch that simply don't agree with me and make me feel worse, but I have found a few that work wonders. My favorite probiotic is Probiotics One. The pearl-shaped pill makes them a lot easier to take and they don't cause me any discomfort when taking. 

Those are my 3 at-home remedies, let me know if they work for you too! The worst part of bloating is that it definitely takes some time for it to go away, but at least there's a few things we can do to reduce it or make it better.

Do you have any at-home remedies for reducing bloating? Let me know in the comments!