Exploring Denver Central Market + RiNo Street Art


I've heard a lot about Denver Central Market lately, and last weekend I finally went to try it out! Denver Central Market is a foodie's dream. It's a gourmet dining hall of sorts that's home to a dozen different food vendors. 

It's located in an old 1920's building that just oozes with character. From the factory windows to the brick walls to the patterned flooring, it's definition of "Instagram-worthy."

We walked in around 3 PM on a Saturday, not exactly a prime eating time and the place was buzzing. Most of the tables were full with people chatting and munching on different delicacies. 

Right by the front door was a fish vendor selling fresh fish to take home and cook. There was also a chocolatier selling decadent truffles, a bar, as well as a coffee vendor. I spotted the ice cream stand out of the corner of my eye and knew we'd have to check that out after eating. 

As we turned the corner, we saw a butcher selling fresh meats, a crackers and cheese vendor, an Italian place cooking pizzas and a vegetable market. 


Naturally, I was drawn to the veggie place called Green Seed Market and had to check it out. They had crates full of fresh produce, like a mini farmer's market. In the back was a counter for ordering fresh salads. We decided to split the "Kale Yeah" salad which had Kale, brussels sprouts, apples, cherry tomatoes, gorgonzola, sliced almonds, golden raisins, bacon & white apple balsamic. 

We then ventured around the corner to the last vendor, called SK Provisions. We saw someone's plate of tacos and just knew we had to order some. We got the chicken tacos which were the perfect size to split. 

After making our food selections, we found an empty table and dug in. I tried the salad first, and it was delicious. It had that "fancy restaurant salad" taste to it, which I think was due to the dressing. 

We then tried the tacos, which were also great. I can't remember the exact ingredients, but they had slaw, chicken, cheese, and salsa that had a nice kick to it. 

Once we finished our lunch, we headed over to the High Point Creamery to check out their ice cream selection. We saw the flight on the menu and knew we couldn't pass that up. 

We picked out five different flavors to try: vegan chocolate coconut, cookies and cream, violet lime, earl grey with shortbread cookies, and brown sugar cinnamon. We had the choice between chocolate or caramel dipping sauce (we chose chocolate) and opted for the waffle cone chips on the side. 

The presentation of the flight was beautiful, it came on a wooden tray with slots for five small porcelain dishes filled with a mini scoop of ice cream. 

As we carried our flight with pride to the table, a woman stopped and excitedly asked, "is that a sampler or are you just really good at ordering?" While I'd like to think of myself as being great at ordering food,  I told her it was a flight and pointed her in the right direction. 

We eagerly tried each flavor, rating them as we went along. Most of the flavors were quite tasty, though we weren't big fans of the violet lime or the earl grey flavors. They were a bit too gourmet for my tastes. 

The flight was a bit ambitious for two people, but we ate a good portion of it and then declared ourselves full. 

After putting our dishes away, we exited through the back door which led to the alleyway completely covered in street art from last year's Colorado Crush Street Art Festival. We walked around admiring the art, and I finally got to see the Stranger Things murals, which I didn't catch last time I was there. 

We had a great time exploring and can't wait to go back to the market again to try more food options! If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend trying the vendors at Denver Central Market!