Why your Polar watch just got even better

Polar released a bunch of exciting new features that you gotta check out! These updates were made to the Polar Flow App, so if you have an A300, A360, or M400, these updates apply to you!

Like many of you, my Polar A300 is practically glued to my wrist and I can't imagine working out without it. However, after wearing it every day for several months, I was shocked to learn that there were so many features that I didn't even know about. I wrote a blog post about some of the coolest ones here

I was surprised to learn that so many of you had never heard of those features either. After the blog post received an overwhelming response, I figured a part 2 was in order. 

So, here's the latest scoop: 

1. Ditch your interval timer app! Create custom timers for your watch

You can now create your own timed intervals for BBG or HIIT workouts directly in the app and sync it to your watch. This way you no longer have to use a separate interval timer on your phone! You can customize how many intervals you want and choose which heart rate zone you desire to target.

When you start the workout on your watch, it will tell you which interval you are on and the target heart rate zone. As you work out, you can see how your actual heart rate compares to the target. Seeing the target heart rate right on the watch makes it so much easier to know if you are pushing yourself hard enough or not. 

This interval timer feature had existed before, but the biggest difference is that now you can create the intervals in the app on your phone instead of having to create it on the web version. This makes it so much more convenient and I use it way more often now. 

Another thing that I love most about using the polar interval feature is that it starts to beep when there are 5 seconds left of the interval, which allows me to push hard until the very end without having to worry about the time. 

To create your own interval workout:

1. Update your app if needed, then sync your watch to the app

2. Click on the Training tab on the app. 

3. Click the calendar icon with a plus sign in it on the top right of the screen

4. Select "Add phased target" 

5. Choose the sport profile (usualy circuit training for hiit or bbg), name it, and choose the date and time you want to do the workout 

6. Swipe to the right to adjust duration and heart rate zone for the warm-up. Continue swiping right to adjust the settings for the intervals and the cooldown. 

7. When done, click "Create target" and it will automatically sync to your watch!

8. Click the down scroll button on your watch until you see "Targets." Click the start button on your watch to begin the workout

After you complete the workout, it will show up in your history and appear like any other workout would. 


2. Get connected! Sync your phone notifications to your watch 

Trying to keep up with other smart watches, your Polar now can show notifications from your phone and calendar. After connecting your phone to it, your watch will vibrate and show a preview of the notification. You'll be able to see if it was a text, email, twitter update etc and you'll be able to see who it's from along with a little bit of the message. 

At first, I thought I wouldn't really have a need for this, but after trying it out for a few days, I actually love it. Since I normally keep my phone on silent in my purse, this makes it so easy to see my notifications and determine if they are important before I pull out my phone. 

When someone calls, the watch vibrates continuously, shows me who is calling, and gives me the option to answer. Since having this feature I haven't turned on the sound of my phone, as it's been much more pleasant to feel the light vibration than to hear beeps and ringing all the time. 

The other thing I noticed is that even google maps directions will appear on the watch! This was awesome when I used Maps to walk to a cafe the other morning for breakfast. I didn't have to stare at my phone the whole time while walking down the street and instead kept it in my purse. The watch vibrated whenever I needed to make a turn and the text directions appeared on the watch. 

My only complaint with this feature  is that I wish I could select which notifications I receive ( I really don't want notifications for all my work emails). 

To set up notifications: 

1. Update your app to the latest version if needed, then sync watch to the app

2. Turn on your phone's bluetooth

3. Select the "more" tab on the bottom of the app 

4. Select "devices" 

5. Under Smart notifications, select "on" 

One thing I noticed is that if your watch travels a certain distance away from your phone, the notifications will stop working. You will have to re-sync when your watch is near your phone again. 


3. Share in style! Share workout details with new image uploader

If you want to share your workout details, you can now get a bit more artsy than taking a picture of your watch face. The new image sharing feature lets you create a filter that shows your calories burned, workout time, and average heart rate to put on an image of your choice. This works very similar to the NTC and other workout apps. 

It lets you choose from a few different filter styles and you can choose the size of the image you want to use. You can then save it or post it to your favorite social network to share with others. 

To share your workout details: 

1. Make sure your app is updated

2. Select the training tab at the bottom of the app 

3. Scroll down and select the workout you want to share from the week (swipe left to go back to previous weeks)

4. Click the share icon in the very top right of the screen

5.  Choose to take a new photo or use existing

6. Choose the filter and size, then click "post" 

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of these new features! If you try them out, be sure to let me know :) If you want to see more posts like this in the future, let me know in the comments below. 

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