Everything you need to know before you start BBG


If you've seen the amazing transformation photos all over Instagram, you'll know that the Sweat with Kayla program (formerly called the Bikini Body Guide or BBG), can produce some serious results. Millions of women all over the world do the 28-minute workouts and swear by them. 

Sure enough, I am one of those women! BBG was the first fitness program I ever did and it is the reason why I developed a love for fitness. More than 2 years and 6 rounds later, I still love the program and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get in shape. 

However, I've come a long way over the last 2 years. When I first started BBG, I didn't really like it. I thought it was too hard and I couldn't stay consistent with it. 


Over time, I realized that my goals were bigger than my excuses and I restarted the program. It took a lot of determination, and trial and error, but I finally committed and finished the first 12 weeks. 

After completing the 12 weeks, I realized that there were so many things I wish I had known before starting. Maybe if I had known these things earlier, I would have started the program sooner and seen more results quicker. 

So, if you're thinking of starting BBG or consider yourself a BBG beginner, here is my list of things you should know before starting. 

Everything you need to know before you start BBG:

1. BBG is hard at first, but it will get easier

When I first started BBG I thought it was way too hard. I distinctly remember doing one of the leg workouts and my legs were so tired from it that they were shaking uncontrollably! But it wasn't just the leg days, the arm days were brutal too! I could barely do any push-ups and I had to do them on my knees. 

At first, I didn't stay consistent with BBG because I thought I wouldn't be able to do it. However, as time went on, I became so much stronger and the workouts were much more manageable. Looking back on it, I can't believe I thought it was so hard! Sure, BBG never really gets easy, but now I can do those beginning weeks with no problem. 

Bottom line: Don't give up early on because you think it's hard. Do the best you can and you will get stronger! 

2. BBG is more than just 12 weeks, you have to see it as a lifestyle change

During my first round of BBG, all I could think about was getting to week 12. I kept telling myself that once I got through the 12 weeks, I'd look great and not have to do it again. Boy, was I wrong! I did make it to week 12 and I did see some results, but I definitely wasn't the ripped fit goddess I was hoping to be. 

I quickly realized that I'd have to continue the program to see results or else I'd lose all the progress I had made. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the "12 weeks to a bikini body" idea, but in reality, it's not that practical. 

Fitness is an on-going life-long journey. It's not just about 12 weeks or even 12 months. If you want to stay fit and healthy for the longterm, you have to commit. Sure, you don't need to workout every single day or continue BBG forever, but you do need to keep working out to some capacity to maintain your progress. 

Bottom line: you have to think of BBG as a lifestyle change, not just a short-get-fit-quick program. 


3. Stretching and foam rolling are actually important 

BBG workouts are tough and often make me feel sore for days after. At first, this soreness can be overwelming and make it difficult to train properly. During my first round of BBG, I hardly ever stretched before or after working out. 

Although I had been told 1000 times before, I didn't think stretching was all that important. Now that I'm a certified personal trainer, I know that stretching is one of the best things you can do when trying to get fit. 

Stretching not only prevents injury and soreness, but it also gives you the flexibility you need to perform exercises correctly! When I first started BBG, I definitely did not have good form for squats. Now I know that a big reason for this was that my calves were always ridiculously tight because I never stretched. 

So, always remember to take care of your muscles! Stretch before and after your workouts and be sure to take rest days to foam roll when needed. If you aren't sure how to foam roll properly, check out my tutorial here

4. Your results won't look the same as someone else's 

When I first saw the transformation photos on Instagram, I thought wow, I'm going to look amazing by the time I'm done with the 12 weeks. And while I was happy with my transformation, it wasn't nearly as dramatic as I had expected it to be. 

The truth is though that everyone experiences their own type of progress. Some will see dramatic weight loss and muscle definition, while others will only see a little bit. Your results will largely depend on what your body was like when you started. 

That being said, don't compare yourself to others. Track your own progress by taking progress photos and see how you change over time. 


5. Don't track progress based on your weight

One of the things that so many BBG girls struggle with at first is expecting their weight to drastically change. When I first started BBG, I definitely expected to lose a few pounds right away. After all, I was working out way more than I ever had in my life! 

But once again, I was dead wrong. Even after 6 rounds of BBG, my weight hasn't really changed much. I've gone up or down a few pounds here and there, but overall I'm around the same weight. 

The thing is, doing BBG will help you gain muscle and your body will change shape a bit. That being said, you could look way leaner than you did before, but your weight could still be the same or even higher than when you started! 

So, I highly recommend not using a scale or even caring about your weight when doing BBG. Looking at the scale will only cause you stress and make you doubt yourself. Instead, focus on how you feel and how you look. 

Those are my 5 tips for all BBG beginners, I hope you find them helpful! If you are thinking about starting BBG or just started, let me know! I'd love to hear how it's going :) 

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