Can you get a workout at Coachella?

It's only been a week since Coachella, but I'm already wishing I was back in the desert listening to the amazing music and dancing the night away. This year's festival was definitely one for the books! I had the best time hanging with friends, seeing my favorite artists, and discovering new ones. 

While I didn't get in any actual workouts throughout the weekend (in that desert sun, no way José), all that walking and dancing really added up! 

I made sure to wear my Polar watch throughout the whole weekend and was honestly surprised at just how much of a workout Coachella was! I exceeded my daily fitness goal each day and hit new personal records for most steps in a day. 


Here are my fitness results for Coachella: 



I Kicked off the weekend with a solid 32,862 steps, which equaled 12.9 miles! I was constantly walking or dancing, so I didn't have any inactivity alerts (after an hour or so of sitting, my watch alerts me to get up and move). Sadly, the amount of sleep I got was terrible, thanks to the crazy winds that wrecked our campsite :( 


I walked over 16 miles on Saturday, which is the longest distance I've recorded in a day since wearing my watch! This equated to 40,446 steps, and my legs were feeling super sore after that day. Who knew that Coachella could be such a good workout?!


Sunday was another solid day, logging over 13 miles and zero inactivity alerts. I left the festival a little early so that I could be home in my own bed, which was the best feeling ever. I finally caught up on some sleep and decided I never want to camp again haha. 

Total weekend stats:

106,737 steps 

42.38 miles

14 hours 34 min of Sleep


Highlights of the weekend:

Best sets of the weekend: 

LCD Soundsystem 


Parov Stelar 


Ice Cube 

Sufjan Stevens