BBG Meal plan: Do I have to follow it to see results?

The question I always get asked on both my blog and Instagram is: "Do you follow Kayla Itsines' meal guides when doing BBG?" 

Since so many people have been wondering about this, I figured it's time I finally write a blog post about it. To be honest, I always hesitate before answering questions about what I eat because I know that what works for me won't work for everyone else. 

Nutrition is a sensitive topic and even as a certified personal trainer, I'm not qualified to tell you what you should eat. That being said, I'll share a little bit about what I do to stay healthy, but I can't emphasize enough how important it is to listen to your own body and make food decisions based on what works best for you. 

To get back to the main question at hand, Kayla Itsines has 2 different meal plan options that she sells alongside her BBG training guides. The first one is the Bikini Body HELP Guide, which is an ebook of recipes and the second is her hardcover book, The Bikini Body 28 Day Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Guide


The HELP guide came out several years ago, whereas the book was just published in December. I own both of these guides, but for the sake of this post, won't go into too much detail about each one.

If you want more info on the book, check out my review of it here. As for the HELP guide, I don't have much experience using it, but you can google it and find the whole guide if you are curious about it. 

So, I know you're still wondering, do I follow the guides? Here's my answer: 

No, I don't follow any of Kayla Itsines' meal plans. 

I have nothing against the guides, I just have never followed them consistently for a good amount of time. There are several reasons why I haven't stuck with the guides, but here are my main ones: 

1. I have food sensitivities (dairy, garlic, onion) that prevent me from eating some of the recipes 

2. The recipes require a lot of ingredients, which is not the most budget-friendly

3. I like to switch it up and try recipes from different sources

Because of these reasons, I don't follow the guides as intended, but I do still make some of the recipes. There are some great recipes in the book especially, and I often pick a few to meal prep for the week. This way I know I'm making some healthy BBG-approved meals, but making them in a way that works for me. 

Do you have to follow the meal guides to see results?

Absolutely not! As someone who has never followed the meal plans consistently, I have seen great results without using them. The meal plans are a great starting point if you are not sure how to eat healthily, but they are not the only options out there. 

Would you recommend buying the HELP Guide or The Bikini Body 28 Day Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Guide? 

I think the 28-day guide (book) is worth buying. Even if you don't follow the meal plans, like me, there are a lot of great recipes in there for meal prepping. It is also a beautiful book and has a lot of helpful tips on nutrition and cooking. If you are choosing between the book and the HELP Guide, I'd say definitely pick the book. 

If you don't follow the guides, then what do you eat to see results?

I don't follow any specific diet or guide, I instead try to eat a diet of clean, real foods. For the most part, I try to eat mostly leafy greens, vegetables, lean meats, eggs, and whole grain carbs. I mostly avoid packaged snacks, candy, and other sweets. 

My diet is definitely not perfect, but making a conscious effort to clean up my diet has helped me see results. Before starting BBG, I used to eat whatever I wanted. I ate out all the time without thinking twice, and I constantly snacked on packaged foods. 

Now, I make much better choices and especially limit the number of times I eat out. 

I hope reading this has clarified some things for you. To summarize, you definitely don't need to follow the meal plans to see results with BBG. If you want to try them, do it! If they don't fit your tastes, then don't be afraid to try another guide or just do your own thing. As long as you follow the workouts and eat well, you will see results!


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