Apple AirPods: Are They Worth It? Here Is My Honest Review

It was 5:30 on a Thursday and I had just checked in at the gym. As I walked down the steps to the locker room, I thought about the plan for my impending workout: 1 mile warm-up run on the treadmill followed by a BBG Stronger legs circuit. It would be great!

When I reached the locker room, I set my backpack on the bench, unzipped the big pocket and started searching for my workout essentials: water bottle and wireless headphones.

As I pulled my bluetooth JBL earbuds from my bag, I looked at them and yelled “OHHHH NOOOOOO!”

The right ear bud was missing it’s silicone ear tip, which is the part that allows it to fit snugly in my ear. Without it, the headphones are useless.

I searched through my backpack hoping to find the missing ear tip, but of course, it wasn’t there and I honestly considering abandoning my workout.

Yeah, I was being dramatic, but have you ever tried running on the treadmill with no music?! It’s practically torture.

Anyway, I sucked it up and still did my workout, but the experience made me realize that it was about time I upgraded my headphones.

I had been using my JBL’s for a few years and while they had served me well, there were a few things about them that I didn’t like. In addition to frequently losing the ear tips, the wire that connected the two earbuds often got caught on my hair which would rip the headphones out of my ears. I was getting a bit tired of it and longed for a pair of completely wireless headphones.

Luckily for me, my birthday was only a few weeks away, so I gifted myself a pair of Apple AirPods. I have used them just about every day since mid-November and I am so happy with them!



Apple AirPods- $159

Key Features:

  • Comes with charging case for fast and convenient charging

  • AirPods are automatically on and pair quickly to Iphone via Bluetooth

  • Completely wireless

  • Charge the case with a lightning cable

  • 24 hours of battery life (charging case) and 5 hours for AirPods

Here is what I like about them:

No more wires

I LOVE that the AirPods are completely wireless- there’s nothing to untangle and I don’t have to worry about the wire getting caught on something.

Charging is so easy

The AirPods come in a charging case that acts like a portable power bank, which is truly a game changer. As long as I keep them in the case, I know my AirPods will always have plenty of charge when I’m ready to use them.

The AirPods themselves have a battery life of 5 hours, but the case can power up to 24 hours. The best part is, the AirPods charge super fast—15 minutes in the case provides 3 hours of battery life.

You charge the case with a lightening cable, the same as the iPhone. I love this because it means I don’t need to have a separate cord to charge my headphones like I used to have to do with my JBLs.

When I used my JBLs, it was hard to tell when they were running low on battery and I showed up to the gym many times with dying headphones. It was never convenient to charge them since I didn’t carry a micro USB cord around with me. Now that I’ve had my AirPods, they are always charged and I have had no issues with battery life.

Small and convenient to carry

One of my favorite things about the AirPods is that they are so small and easy to bring with me everywhere I go. The charging case fits perfectly in my purse or jacket pocket, which means I always have them with me.

I originally considered getting some over-the-ear headphones, but I knew those would be a pain to travel with and would take up too much space in my backpack. I’m so glad I picked the AirPods because they take up almost no space.

The Bluetooth Pairing is seamless

I know this is such a first world problem, but some Bluetooth devices can be a total pain in the ass sometimes. When at work, I often need to pair my headphones to my laptop and then switch to pair them to my phone. With my JBL headphones, this process was a major pain and often didn’t work.

Thankfully, Apple really figured it out with the AirPods because they are so easy to connect to other Apple devices. When you first buy the AirPods, all you have to do is open the case and hold them near your iPhone. The iPhone will automatically recognize the AirPods and display the AirPods Control Center with a button that says “connect.” Once you press the button, you’re all set.

Even when switching from one device to another, the pairing process is still quick and easy. Plus, After connecting the AirPods to your phone, they will also automatically pair to your Apple Watch.

So far, the bluetooth connection has been so easy and it has made my life a lot easier while using them at work.

They feel great

For some reason, my ears are very sensitive to headphones. Over-the-ear headphones squish my ears which becomes super painful after a while. Ear buds that are made from hard plastic also hurt my ears. I wasn’t sure how I’d do with the AirPods, but they surprisingly feel great! They are lightweight and I can barely feel them.

After testing them out with many different workouts, I can say that the AirPods do stay put when running, jumping, and doing burpees. However, I do still need to be careful when wearing them because they are more likely to fall out compared to other headphones that go over the ear.

Which leads me to…


Here is what I don’t like about them

I am often afraid that I’ll lose them

While the AirPods stay in my ears surprisingly well during workouts, they have fallen out a few times— mostly from accidentally hitting them with my hand. They are so light and small that they can easily be knocked out of place.

However, I’ve learned to be careful with my AirPods and I only wear them if I am listening to something. One time I was wearing them while not listening to music and I didn’t realize for a while that my left Pod fell out. I had a few moments of panic, but thankfully I found it under my treadmill.

Since then, I have made it a point to always listen to something, that way i’ll know if one falls out.

The sound could be better

It’s kind of obvious, but AirPods don’t have the best sound quality compared to other headphones on the market. The design is not the best for blocking out noise and the sound quality isn’t all that much different than Apple’s standard ear buds.

However, sound quality was not at the top of my list when choosing a wireless headphone. For me, the convenience and versatility are the reasons why I went with the AirPods and so far they have far exceeded my expectations in those areas. If you care more about sound quality, I would not recommend the AirPods.

I will say though, I actually like that the AirPods aren’t great at cancelling noise. I often wear my AirPods at work or while walking down the street and I like that I can slightly hear what is going on around me for safety reasons.

So, are they worth it?

I think the AirPods are definitely worth it if you are looking for easy-to-use headphones that are versatile for both workouts and everyday life. The charging case is my favorite thing about the AirPods and the easy charging alone makes them worth it in my opinion. While the sound quality isn’t the best and they can be easy to lose, I am still very happy with my purchase and would recommend them.

If you have any questions about the AirPods, feel free to ask in the comments! You can purchase AirPods at any place that sells Apple products. I recommend trying them on first and seeing how they fit your ears.